This immigrant records is taken from the church book of Vadsø and North-Varanger parish.
There can be misspelling names and name of places since I have not controll checked my transcript.
If you find any thing wrong please let me know so I can correct it.
This records are not complet, some of the church book for Vadsø city is missing.
Firstname Middle name Surname Born: Born in: From Arrival
Anna Marie Olesdtr. age 45 Nesseby Kiberg 1862
Raphael Lyder Bernhard Olsen 02.22.1844 Brønø 1861
Oskar Adamson Onsa 08.27.1858 Pello Summer 1878
Nils Olof Oråde Karungi 1863
Johan Petter Ôstberg 1840 Rovaniemi 1865
Sara Johansdtr. (wife) 1824
Petter Mikkelsson Ottanen 10.13.1851 Kittila 1878
Gunnerius Andreasen Ottovold 09.25.1851 Frosten 1863