This immigrant records is taken from the church book of Vadsø and North-Varanger parish.
There can be misspelling names and name of places since I have not controll checked my transcript.
If you find any thing wrong please let me know so I can correct it.
This records are not complet, some of the church book for Vadsø city is missing.
Firstname Middle name Surname Born: Born in: From Arrival
Christian Edvard Jacobsson 11.09.1839 Vardø 1861
Juliane Jacobsdtr. (sister to Christian) 03.05.1854
Karen Ovidia Jacobsdtr. (sister to Christian) 03.31.1846
Kaisa Maria Jaukka 09.07.1842 Turtula Turtula Spring 1872
(father Joh. Wolk)
Eva Regine Jensdtr. 06.22.1865 Alta Autaum 1881
Olof Olofson Jerijärvi 07.31.1840 Muominiska Muominiska 1866
Carl Olofson Jerisjarvi 09.12.1842 Utsjok 1861
Carl Johan Johansen 1821 Brøno
Anne Dorthea Olsdtr. (wife) 1826
Maren Dorthea Johanne (daughter) 04.16.1848
Nils Andreas (son) 01.21.1850
Johan Bernhard (son) 02.13.1853
Ole Edvard (son) 04.12.1856
Edvard Johanson Jonas Kaafjord 1857
Henrik Johanson Jonas Kaafjord 1857
Johan Johanson Jonas Kaafjord 1863
Oluf Anderson Jorvitalo 02.12.1849 Frantilla 1877
Anders Herman Jumisko 1857 ? Kuusamo 1878
Andreas Andreasen Jumisko 12.24.1852 Finland 1880
Anna Kaisa (wife) 02.09.1842
Andreas (son) 10.01.1875
Britha Lisa (daughter) 09.23.1877
Nils Juuso with wife and 5 children Korpikylä 1865
Anne Marcelie Jørgensdtr. Tromsø 1865