This immigrant records is taken from the church book of Vadsø and North-Varanger parish.
There can be misspelling names and name of places since I have not controll checked my transcript.
If you find any thing wrong please let me know so I can correct it.
This records are not complet, some of the church book for Vadsø city is missing.
Firstname Middle name Surname Born: Born in: From Arrival:
Joh. Hnerik Feldt 1845 Tana 1881
Britha Maria Seppala (wife) 1846
Anna Sofia (daughter) 1874 (dead)
Aina Aurora (daughter) 1875
Abel Nestor (son) 04.30.1878
Anna Dorthea (daughter) 04.10.1880
Anton Hektor (son) 04.10.1880
Aas Sjursdtr. Fixen 02.22.1846 Vigør Vigør April 1867
Nils Alexander Forsberg Lappträsk 1866
Maria Johanna Adamsdtr. Fräk 08.03.1852 Haparanda city 03.29.1869