This immigrant records is taken from the church book of Vadsų and North-Varanger parish.
There can be misspelling names and name of places since I have not controll checked my transcript.
If you find any thing wrong please let me know so I can correct it.
This records are not complet, some of the church book for Vadsų city is missing.
Firstname Middle name Surname Born: Born in: From Arrival
Bernt Bernhard Martinsen Ebeltoft 09.29.1851 Tromsų 1857
Johan Erik Ekorn 12.31.1819 Lower-Tornio Lower-Tornio 1874
Vendla Johanna Ekorn 03.08.1851 Hietaniemi Hietaniemi 1867
Stefan Wilhelm Karsten ? Ekorn ? 11.08.1842 Pudasjarvi Pundasjarvi 1863
Johan Erik Elomo 12.31.1849 Vardų 1866
Johanna Gustava Nehler ? (wife) 10.25.1810
Edla Gustava (daughter) 08.16.1845
Hans Christian Pedersen Engen 05.01.1834 Vardų Vardų 1869
Elise Christine Christensdtr. (wife) 07.27.1865 married 09.17.1865
Christian Lyng ? (son) 07.27.1865
Peter Albert (son) 07.02.1867
Anders Nicolai Eriksen 07.16.1838 Vefsen ?
Erik Christian Eriksen 08.14.1847 Hammerfest Hammerfest 1864
Olaus Eriksen 04.01.1836 Skogn Vardų 1871
Carl Gustav Esperi Haparanda city 1878