This immigrant records is taken from the church book of Vadsø and North-Varanger parish.
There can be misspelling names and name of places since I have not controll checked my transcript.
If you find any thing wrong please let me know so I can correct it.
This records are not complet, some of the church book for Vadsø city is missing.
Firstname Middle name Surname Born: Born in: From Arrival:
Abraham Abrahamsen 1850 Kvæfjord
Inger Marie Ingebrigtsdtr. (wife) 1852
Emma Amalia (daughter) 1877
Henrik Salomonson Alama 12.18.1840 Carl-Gustav Carl-Gustav 1866
Eva Alamma Kukkola 1866
Henric Henrickson Alamma Kukkola 1872
Isak Salomonson Alamma Kukkola 1866
Johan Henrikson Alamma 11.07.1823 Carl-Gustav 1858
Maria Salomonsdtr (wife) 05.21.1820
Maria Johanna (daughter) 02.03.1848
Johan (son) 06.06.1849
Henrik (son) 08.30.1851
Erik (son) 06.04.1855
Salomon Salomonson Alamma Kukkola 1866
Anne Dorteha Andersdtr. 01.31.1830 Vardø 1864
Valentin Peder (son) 12.13.1857
Vivika ? Valentine (daughter) 12.05.1853
Mikkel Andersen 04.23.1854 Kaafjord
Kristen Andresen 09.20.1833 Vaagan May 1873
Maria Pettersdtr. Anetjärvi 12.03.1848 Pudasjarvi Kemijarvi 1871
Pehr Johanson Anundi 1820 Kukkola 1863
Maria Aronsdtr. Vuolela (wife) 1816
Johan Aron (son) 1847
Peter (son) 1849
Caisa Mathilde (daughter) 1850
Maria Carolina (daughter) 1854
Ida Amanda (daughter) 1858
Hans Peter Peterson Arajärvi 12.20.1851 Sodankyla Sodankyla ?
Grehte Aronsdtr. Nesseby 1864
(widow after Peder Myhre)